iPhone Service Pricelist

iPhone Pricelist and what to expect at MacMedic.

All fees are subject to change without notice. All prices will be confirmed on booking but were last verified on the 12th of September 2019.

MacMedic supplies iPhone repairs using Apple original parts and via Apple’s repair centre.

The process at Apple Service Providers is different, however in many cases is faster than waiting for an appointment at a store. All screen and whole unit repairs take 3 to 4 business days (Business days are Monday to Friday only). Like Apple, we are unable to recover data from phones they are damaged or where the passcode or pin has been lost.

All iPhones require their data to be backed up in advance to your computer, Apple and MacMedic take no responsibility for data loss.
All Glass/LCD/Screen and WHOLE UNIT replacements will lead to your information being wiped from your device.

Ensure that Find My is disabled at or before entering our store. We can not book in any phone for service if Find My is enabled. This can be disabled directly on your device in Settings -> iCloud -> Disable Find My. Alternatively, if your phone is malfunctioning or the screen is damaged/dangerous, backup your phone ASAP, switch the unit into flight mode, wait a few minutes then navigate to at www.icloud.com from a computer. Once at iCloud.com, navigate to the Find my iPhone area, and on the list of your devices, choose the X in a circle next to the device in the list. This will remove it from the account.

Item Description



Whole Unit/Liquid damage

iPhone 3GS$call$call$call
iPhone 4$call$call$call
iPhone 4s$call$call$call
iPhone 5$call$call$call
iPhone 5c$169$219$429
iPhone 5s$169$219$429
iPhone SE$119$219$429
iPhone 6$119$219$469
iPhone 6+$119$249$519
iPhone 6s$119$249$469
iPhone 6s+$119$279$519
iPhone 7$119$249$509
iPhone 7+$119$279$589
iPhone 8$119$249$589
iPhone 8+$119$279$669
iPhone X$149$469$909
iPhone XR$149$339$669
iPhone XS$149$469$909
iPhone XS Max$149$549$989
iPhone 11$149$339$669
iPhone 11 Pro$149$469$909
iPhone 11 Pro Max$149$549$989

Be advised, some other parts likes cameras, speakers, etc can be replaced in our store same day. Please call to discuss specific pricing of these items.

MacMedic staff are unable to assist clients to/from their vehicles with equipment due to Work Cover and Occupational Health & Safety reasons. We thank you for your understanding.