Exchange and Repair Extension Programs

From time to time MacMedic or it’s suppliers may decide to offer an extended period of warranty or the repair or replacement of a device should it not live up to the expectations of the product or due to a discovered known defect.


From time to time, Apple may issue a voluntary quality program / or safety recall. Any device under one of these programs can be repaired by MacMedic under the Apple recall completely free of charge. There is no need to contact Apple, just bring it in for service. If your product meets the requirements of Apple, there will be no charge. If you are unsure if your product meets the eligibility criteria, you can contact Apple or MacMedic for advice.


You can view the current Apple Exchange and Repair Extension Programs by clicking here.


Currently there are several minor programs running. Should you require any help or assistance on these matter please phone our store. Please be advised, that not all noted programs affect all devices. Specific time frames and criteria must be met, if your device does not conform to these criteria but is experiencing a similar fault, MacMedic will quote or offer further advice as required.


Apple makes some of the best products in the world. There is constant scrutiny and supervision of the products through their loyal customers. When you purchase an Apple product you can rest assured that the quality of the goods and services you receive are second to none and that on the very rare occasions that something has gone wrong due to a supplier fault or other fault, MacMedic and our suppliers will always work with you to come to a quick and suitable solution to make your experience as painless and easy to avoid any unnecessary downtime and get you back onto your product as soon a possible.