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Have a question? No doubt we have already heard it ten times over! Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still need a hand, Contact Us

Do I need an appointment?2022-02-01T17:05:10+11:00

While we do recommend you book your service online before visiting MacMedic. We do also accept walk-in appointments.

How do I back up my device?2021-10-28T15:26:04+11:00

Backing up your device is simple and important. We recommend that everyone learns how to backup.

Learn how to prepare for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch service by taking a look at these helpful Apple links.

Learn how to backup your Mac.
Learn about backing up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

What is ‘Find My’ (Previously Find My iPhone)?2021-10-05T16:14:11+11:00
An Apple service that locates lost or stolen devices. Apple requires all customers to turn off Find My before any service. If Find My is not deactivated, a repairer we will not be able to fix your device, as we can not bypass it.
How do I disable ‘Find My’ for my repair?2021-10-05T16:11:07+11:00

Like all service providers, MacMedic requires ‘Find My’ to be switched off before we can book in your repair.

If you are unable to access your device, you can disable Find My using your account on another device.

Click here for how to disable Find My on your device

What is MRI (Macintosh Resource Inspector)?2021-10-05T16:11:00+11:00

A piece of software MacMedic uses provided by Apple to verify that all the components installed from the factory are visible and functional. An MRI is a basic test and will pick up on significant issues or disconnected cables etc.

What is ASD (Apple Service Diagnostic)?2021-10-05T16:10:55+11:00
A test that takes 2-24 hours depending on the configuration of your device. It is very good at picking up faults in the hardware, excluding video faults.
What is a SD (Storage Diagnostic)?2021-10-05T16:10:49+11:00
A hard disk test that takes 10-30 minutes depending on your device configuration. This test checks some but not all of your hard disks function mechanically and verifies the drive has a suitable uncorrupted operating system installed.
What is a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)?2021-10-05T16:10:43+11:00
Also known as the graphics card or video card, this part is required to generate an image on the screen. Sometimes these cards are part of the mainboard and other times are separate.
What is a SSD or HD?2021-10-05T16:10:36+11:00
An SSD (Solid State Disk) or HD (Hard Disk) is the part of your computer that stores all your data. If it fails, it does indicate a high likelihood of loss of everything you have saved. Including applications, documents, music, photos. Everything!
What is iCloud?2021-10-05T16:09:26+11:00
Apple’s cloud storage service. Unless you are on a paid plan, your Apple iCloud account will generally only backup your Address Book, Calendar, Notes, Bookmarks and up to 1000 photos (and only if you have iCloud activated on of course!). iCloud does not back up your Mac hard drive. iCloud may back up and iPhone or iPad if you have enough storage in your account and follow the guidelines strictly to do so.
What is a backup?2021-10-05T16:09:03+11:00
Backing up your device regularly is strongly advised. Especially before a service. Each year our staff deal with several thousand customers who have lost everything on their devices. Not just email and documents. But photos and videos of their loved ones and many other precious memories, simply because they did not have a backup.
Data backup is exceptionally easy when done as a preventative measure. However, it is exceptionally expensive if something goes wrong, and you’re not prepared. In 70% of cases, when the drive fails, all data is lost, and no amount of money will bring it back.
What is data recovery?2021-10-05T16:08:17+11:00
You will require data recovery when your hard disk or data stored has become physically defective or otherwise damaged. Scenarios that cause damage can include another fault, improper shutdown, a virus, poor maintenance or just bad luck. If you do not have a full backup using Apple’s Time Machine or a clone of your data, recovery may be required. It is not an easy process to recover data. Some data recovery projects take several weeks and cost a lot of money.
What is a OS (operating system)?2021-10-05T16:07:57+11:00
This software is installed on every computer to make it do something when switched on. When we mention that the OS as being corrupt or damaged, we may need to carry out a recovery.
What is a LCD (liquid crystal display)?2021-10-05T16:07:10+11:00
The screen on your device. An LCD screen has several layers of fine glass and plastic. If there is any damage made, this can affect one, of multiple layers. If we mention a cracked display, Apple will not cover this under warranty. Cracks will appear when external force or pressure is placed on your device. Damage to an LCD will not be caused by overheating unless a unit was put in a situation well outside it’s operating temperature ability.
What is a MLB (main logic board)?2021-10-05T16:06:41+11:00
Also known as the motherboard in a PC. If the MLB part is faulty, then you will need to follow the technician’s advice on repair.
What are charge cycles?2021-10-05T16:06:08+11:00
A charge cycle is the number of times your battery has been fully charged and depleted. Each full cumulative cycle counts towards the batteries life span.
What is RAM/Memory?2021-10-05T16:05:31+11:00
RAM or memory is the brain behind your Mac. The more you have, the smoother your Mac will run. If the RAM is faulty, data corruption can occur along with other issues, such as freezing.
What is an optical drive?2021-10-05T16:04:50+11:00
An optical drive is known as the CD-ROM or DVD Drive.
What are video/stress tests?2021-10-05T16:04:12+11:00
We run your video card or computer to generate as much heat and energy usage as possible. This test can take some time and helps us see if the card is functioning normally.
What is VST?2021-10-05T16:00:59+11:00
A video test that takes 2-30 minutes depending on your device’s configuration. We action a VST on some Apple units where the manufacturer of the chip is aware that some limited chips may have had a manufacturing defect. If this test passes, there is no concern to your video chips ability at this time or in regards to a specific fault.
Isn’t it easier to just go to Apple?2021-07-10T14:28:07+10:00

MacMedic has been servicing Apple products for longer than Apple has had stores in Australia. Our staff are skilled and trained in products dating back to the Apple ][ from 1978. MacMedic’s relationship with Apple ensures that you will receive equal or better service in our stores on your repair.

How do you protect my privacy?2021-07-10T14:27:16+10:00

MacMedic, takes privacy very seriously. You will need a valid photo ID to collect your goods, and we will only allow you to collect your goods unless we have authorisation from you to allow another to collect. We lock down our systems, ensure access only by current employees and ensure that all communications are secure. We invest in the destruction of paper files to protect your privacy. All staff are bound by a non-disclosure to ensure your protection. MacMedic’s staunch policy on the privacy of clients and their data is one reason we are trusted by over 30,000 clients.

Do you store my credit card information?2021-07-10T14:26:12+10:00

No, we do not keep any credit card numbers on file.

Do your stores have parking available?2021-07-10T14:25:08+10:00

You can view our store locations, trading hours, parking details and a map of our locations contact us page.

What are your trading hours?2021-07-10T14:24:35+10:00

You can view our store locations, trading hours, parking details and a map of our locations contact us page.

Can you visit my home or office?2021-07-10T14:23:10+10:00

Yes! We do have onsite technicians available for call out. Our basic onsite service charges are $75 call out and $150 per hour.
This means that the first hour is charged at $225 and $150 for each hour after that.
This does not include any parts that may be required for repair.

Can you repair my machine any faster?2021-07-10T14:21:00+10:00

Assessment times can be reduced by selecting our express fee option at book-in for $149. This includes a 24 hours assessment, priority handling and the parts are fitted as soon as available. Please be aware that there may not be a technician working on Saturday, so we can only offer an express service on Saturday when arranged prior. While this does reduce the overall turnaround time, there are no guarantees on timing as each fault is unique.

How long will you need my machine?2021-07-10T14:19:29+10:00

Our average assessment times are 1-3 business days and the average turnaround time 3 business days on Apple warranty repairs.
Our diagnostics can take time to run as we are more thorough than most.

What is your assessment charge?2021-07-10T14:18:25+10:00

We offer a free assessment for machines less than five years old that have no accidental damage (i.e. drop, liquid damage). For machines manufactured between 2009-14, we charge a $99 assessment fee. Pre 2009 machines are subject to a $149 assessment fee.
We also offer liquid damaged assessments for $165-$279 depending on the Mac model. This may cover the cost of either placing the hard disk into an external USB case or transferring it to a USB external drive provided the drive isn’t faulty.

All our assessment charges are deductible from any labour on repairs carried out.


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