Mail-in Repair

To mail-in your iPod or iPad follow these five easy steps.

1. Backup / sync your iPod or iPad to your computer if possible and remove the SIM card (if a 3G model).
2. If you haven’t already get a quote and book-in your iPod or iPad, then print out a copy of the book-in email that was sent to you.
3. Wrap the iPod or iPad in bubble wrap or foam to prevent any damage in transit and put into a suitable box for postage.
4. Address the parcel to:

PO Box 436,
Spit Junction, NSW 2088

5. Be sure to send the unit Registered Post for tracking and peace of mind.

Return postage with Registered Australia Post is $11 for iPods and $16 for iPads.
Once we have received your device we’ll check for the reported fault and contact you with a quote (if applicable).
For warranty repairs we will usually contact you prior to service to confirm you have a backup of your device.
We are unable to transfer data from old or faulty iPods / iPads to the replacement that comes from Apple.