E-Waste Recycling

Have an old Mac and unsure of what to do with it?

MacMedic is helping our environment by saving e-waste from landfill, by either refurbishing, donating or processing e-waste using third party recyclers to ensure your old Mac doesn’t end up in landfill.
For years we have been ensuring that we help the environment by recycling everything possible in our operations whether it be reusing packaging, recycling paper, re-using old equipment in house or returning (at our cost) waste to e-waste recycling plants.

What about my sensitive data?

At your request we will wipe your data off your functional or non functional device where the data storage medium is still working (ie, if the computer is broken, but the hard disk is fine, we will wipe it by connecting it to our equipment).

What do you accept?

We accept most Apple, Lisa, Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone products either in a damaged or functional state.
We do not charge for most items, but any old cathode ray tube “CRT” computer monitors may have a fee for recycling due to the cost associated with shipping and handling and their considerable heavy metal content.

What do you mean donate?

Any useful equipment that is still functional may be donated to different institutions from time to time. An example was a number of functional eMac computers that were donated were cleaned, restored and donated to a school. We may also donate items to Adrian’s Mac Museum.

What is Adrian’s Mac Museum?

Our service manager Adrian collects Apple computers and memorabilia. Over the last 15 years he has procured over 300 Apple, Macintosh, Newton, iPod and other Apple products, documentation, packaging, posters and pamphlets. He refurbishes them, cleans and restores them to their original factory condition. He hopes to display them in a museum format once the collection is restored.

What do you mean by refurbish?

Where we can salvage damage components or machines, we may repair them to prevent their waste.

What do you mean by process?

Damage components or other waste like batteries, cracked LCDs, casing, glass, faulty drives, etc may be sent to a processing facility. These processing facilities collect, and recycle electronics and earn funds from extraction of metals and glass from them and selling the recycled raw materials on.

All of these different strategies together will ensure a better environment for us all.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Three simple steps to help us have a lovely planet for the future. Just pop into either one of our stores and leave your iDevice with our reception staff. There might be a form to sign in some cases to say it has been left for recycling. We are glad to offer free and environmentally friendly disposal of your iPod, iPad or iPhone.