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Your friendly Authorised Apple Service Provider, since 2005.

Uh-oh, did you drop your iPhone and crack your phone screen? Is your battery running out faster than it used to? MacMedic is dedicated to providing fast, quality and authorised iPhone repairs, in two convenient Sydney locations.

All too often we have iPhones arrive in our store that have been repaired by unauthorised service providers. (You know, those folks hanging out in the kiosks at shopping centres. 😳) The repair has not been done the job correctly and just weeks after the repair, the customer needs to have their phone fixed again! More money and downtime without your phone. No thanks.

Unauthorised iPhone repairs are often performed using cheap or fake parts, not approved by Apple. The screens and batteries used are less durable and lower quality than genuine parts. They can also void your warranty! When you use a repairer that has not been hand selected by Apple, you run the risk of many ongoing issues. Damage to internal components, battery swelling, overheating, FaceID or TouchID malfunctions, Apple Pay and PayPass no longer working.

Don’t just replace it, repair it!

iPhone Repairs

Battery Replacement

Rush Repairs

Diagnosis And Assessments By Apple Certified Technicians

Accessories And Chargers

Cable Replacements

Out Of Warranty Repairs

Water Damage

Screen Repairs And Replacements

AppleCare Repairs

Apple Service Program Repairs

1-on-1 Support

Damage and Insurance Repairs

Get it fixed right, the first time.

MacMedic is Australia’s most-awarded Apple Authorised Service Provider. This means all iPhone repairs are carried out by our Apple certified technicians and both under warranty (AppleCare) or out of warranty (where specified) repairs are guaranteed by Apple, worldwide!

Book your iPhone in for a service, get a quote or visit us in-store for a face-to-face appointment.

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What Can We Fix?

What Do We Fix?

  • iPhone 13, Mini, Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone 12, Mini, Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and earlier

iPhone Repair Pricing

iPhone 13
Out Of Warranty Repair Costs

iPhone 13 Screen Battery Back Glass
(Whole Unit)
iPhone 13 Pro Max $519 $109 $939
iPhone 13 Pro $439 $109 $859
iPhone 13 $439 $109 $699
iPhone 13 mini $359 $109 $629

iPhone 12
Out Of Warranty Repair Costs

iPhone 12 Screen Battery Back Glass
(Whole Unit)
iPhone 12 Pro Max $519 $109 $939
iPhone 12 Pro $439 $109 $859
iPhone 12 $439 $109 $699
iPhone 12 mini $359 $109 $629

iPhone 11
Out Of Warranty Repair Costs

iPhone 11 Screen Battery Back Glass
(Whole Unit)
iPhone 11 Pro Max $519 $109 $939
iPhone 11 Pro $439 $109 $859
iPhone 11 $309 $109 $629

iPhone X
Out Of Warranty Repair Costs

iPhone X Screen Battery Back Glass
(Whole Unit)
iPhone XS Max $519 $109 $939
iPhone XS $439 $109 $859
iPhone X $439 $109 $859
iPhone XR $309 $109 $629

iPhone 8
Out Of Warranty Repair Costs

iPhone 8 Screen Battery Back Glass
(Whole Unit)
iPhone 8 Plus $279 $79 $629
iPhone 8 $249 $79 $569

Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone Repairs at MacMedic

How do I back up my device?2021-10-28T15:26:04+11:00

Backing up your device is simple and important. We recommend that everyone learns how to backup.

Learn how to prepare for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch service by taking a look at these helpful Apple links.

Learn how to backup your Mac.
Learn about backing up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

How do I disable ‘Find My’ for my repair?2021-10-05T16:11:07+11:00

Like all service providers, MacMedic requires ‘Find My’ to be switched off before we can book in your repair.

If you are unable to access your device, you can disable Find My using your account on another device.

Click here for how to disable Find My on your device

We offer quality repairs and quick turnarounds at the best possible prices.

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