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Welcome to MacMedic

MacMedic is a group of Apple Authorised Service Providers and Australia’s most awarded service centres. We are 100% Australian owned and operated. We carry out all repairs at our stores**, with a simple philosophy. Quick, efficient, quality Mac, iPhone, Watch, Beats, iPad, iPod and all other quality Apple product repair services with competitive pricing.

Whether it be an iPhone, Beats headphones, Watch, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro or Cinema Display. We are ready to repair your Mac, iPad, iPod, keyboard, display or anything Apple as fast as possible!

Apple Care Warranty
(Or Not?)

No worries, we can repair almost everything. We repair Apple products in or out of warranty. This includes iPhone, Mac, Apple TVs, AirPorts, iPads, Beats, Watch and iPods.

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You can get a quick and free quote for most iPhone, iPods and iPads by simply calling or messaging our stores. To save time, book-in your repair online or over the phone.

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MacMedic is an Authorised Apple Reseller and offers an incredible range of Apple products and accessories. Browse the range online, or come in-store!

We are Australia’s most awarded Apple Service Provider.

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Give your old Mac a new life.

We recycle vintage Apple products.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Got a question? Chances are we have heard it before! Take a look at our FAQs

Isn’t it easier to just go to Apple?2021-07-10T14:28:07+10:00

MacMedic has been servicing Apple products for longer than Apple has had stores in Australia. Our staff are skilled and trained in products dating back to the Apple ][ from 1978. MacMedic’s relationship with Apple ensures that you will receive equal or better service in our stores on your repair.

What is a LCD (liquid crystal display)?2021-10-05T16:07:10+11:00
The screen on your device. An LCD screen has several layers of fine glass and plastic. If there is any damage made, this can affect one, of multiple layers. If we mention a cracked display, Apple will not cover this under warranty. Cracks will appear when external force or pressure is placed on your device. Damage to an LCD will not be caused by overheating unless a unit was put in a situation well outside it’s operating temperature ability.
What is a backup?2021-10-05T16:09:03+11:00
Backing up your device regularly is strongly advised. Especially before a service. Each year our staff deal with several thousand customers who have lost everything on their devices. Not just email and documents. But photos and videos of their loved ones and many other precious memories, simply because they did not have a backup.
Data backup is exceptionally easy when done as a preventative measure. However, it is exceptionally expensive if something goes wrong, and you’re not prepared. In 70% of cases, when the drive fails, all data is lost, and no amount of money will bring it back.
What are your trading hours?2021-07-10T14:24:35+10:00

You can view our store locations, trading hours, parking details and a map of our locations contact us page.

What is a OS (operating system)?2021-10-05T16:07:57+11:00
This software is installed on every computer to make it do something when switched on. When we mention that the OS as being corrupt or damaged, we may need to carry out a recovery.
More FAQs

*Excludes machines that are damaged or older than three years since date of purchase. Also excludes third party hardware (external drives, RAM, etc). We will advise if this fee is applicable prior to assessment. Click here to see our current price list. Please note that most of our repairs and or upgrades already include labour charges.

** All repairs excluding Apple Watch, Beats and some iPhone repairs occur onsite.


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