Terms and Conditions

MacMedic Terms and Conditions for All Services

• Return-to-depot only, couriers, taxis, etc will not be organised by MacMedic. We waive all liability once goods are collected by any means.
• If liquid damage, fake parts, or fraud is discovered during the course of work, MacMedic will charge a fee of $49 for all iOS devices, and $279 for all computer devices to cover our expenses to carry out assessment. Assessment fees paid will go toward the cost of repair, but not upgrades or alternate product purchases.
• MacMedic can not accept responsibility for loss of any data or equipment whilst in our possession or in transit. (We can not insure goods to which we are not owners.)
• MacMedic takes all necessary care to ensure that all equipment is securely stored in a storeroom and premises at close of business.
• Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.
• Any service job left for more then 14 days after repair / quotation will incur a $5.50 inc. GST per day storage fee.
• If you do not collect your goods within 60 days of repair or quotation, they will be sold to cover any outstanding fees in relation to service or their storage.
• Invoices cannot be issued until a full payment has been made and goods delivered.
• All work is C.O.D. unless you have a valid account or credit line set up with MacMedic .
• If you select an Express Service Fee at the disclosed rate, the fee is not included in the cost of repairs, it is an additional charge.
• MacMedic may use email addresses for service and job updates and news. Mobile telephones may receive SMS notices of job status.
• MacMedic takes care to ensure the integrity and security of data.
• MacMedic takes care to ensure against data loss, but recommend you backup all data (Mac computers, iPods and iPads) prior to service where possible.
• Repair of the goods may result in loss of the data.
• We will contact you if your reported warranty status is different to your actual warranty status based on our / Apple records.
• If a product is no longer available for repair / replacement, MacMedic or the products manufacturer may quote or supply a suitable replacement product with features at least equal to the original unit. Any warranties will only continue to the original warranted date or 90 days, whichever is longer.
• Product returns on non-faulty or non-defective products carry a 50% restocking fee.
• All D.O.A. claims must be made within 10 days of purchase or standard manufacturer warranty terms apply.
• All service products carry at least a THREE (3) MONTH WARRANTY unless otherwise specified. This does not include any Consumer Law
• Service times may vary and may be extended if a supplier is out of stock.
• Please be aware that for Apple endorsed repairs we are required to supply customer’s personal information (i.e. name, contact number etc.) for review purposes
• All fees for the cost of recovery of unpaid amounts and interest will be on charged with a $75 administration fee.
• MacMedic reserves the right to refuse service.

For Warranty Services

• Warranty covers hardware repair only. Software is not covered by warranty.
• Proof of purchase (tax invoice) or previous service job documents may be required for warranty claims.
• Misuse or abuse of equipment is not covered by any warranties and may void your remaining warranty.
• No product will be replaced by MacMedic unless in a D.O.A. period, otherwise standard manufacturer repair warranty terms apply.
• Apple may email you at the supplied email address with a customer satisfaction survey.
• Please advise staff if you do not wish to receive such a survey.

For Non-Warranty Services

• Assessment fees are at the advertised rate.
• Assessment fees are superseded if repair work is carried out.
• All insurance quotations for claims are $132 and we will not release a quotation or unit until full payment has been made.
• We will always quote before any repair that is not free of charge. All quoted amounts are inclusive of parts, labour and GST.