An Important COVID-19 Update

Online Bookings Recommended for all Repairs.
Posted: 3rd September 2020.
Hello all,
As advised on the 1st of August, due to the developing situation in New South Wales in relation to coronavirus, and persistent community transmission, MacMedic would modify our level of restrictions to protect clients and our team alike as the situation unfolds. With hundreds of clients a week visiting our stores from all over NSW, it is a sensible precaution. We made this decision after multiple clients workplaces were closed due to outbreaks, including a competitors workshop and store.
As risks decrease, we are partially re-opening stores by limiting the number of customers in-store and verifying each customer before they can completely enter the store. We stress we wish all customers to book online or via the phone in advance of their visit so that we may be able to qualify and quote in advance to prevent unnecessary travel and expedite service. By doing this we achieve benefits to all involved.
Customers requiring assistance can be advised and quoted before coming in the store. A reduction in the movement of staff and clients into our stores increases community safety by reducing unnecessary travel. Decreased service turn around times by better planning of workflow and parts needed in the store.
We will only allow the following customers in-store after they utilise our supplied hand sanitiser;

  • An individual buying equipment
  • An individual delivering a repair
  • An individual collecting a repair

We ask everyone to consider the need to bring guests with them into the store unless necessary. And ask all general queries occur over the phone or email. We understand that right now government direction on matters is conflicting, but by following these simple steps we can reduce risks to you and our staff.
I appreciate this may seem overzealous, but with thousands of clients a month visiting our stores, a single infected patron could close our store for up to 14 days. Alternative service options available to clients at other stores we have investigated are either far more restricted than this, not restricted at all, or offer a lack of choice for customers who wish face to face OR no-touch services.
To reward clients who are doing the right thing, we will be offering FREE assessment services to clients “out of warranty” from today that have pre-booked via our website or via the phone. Previously we only offered free assessment on items up to 5 years of age, but we will be extending free assessment to all devices moving forward, regardless of age, that are not submitted for insurance or liquid purposes. This does mean if you come to the store with a device out of warranty of any age that has not been booked in via our website or phone, fees will apply.
Don’t forget safety first!
We understand that many customers prefer face-to-face contact, so we ask you:

  • Respect social distancing guidelines.
  • Wear a mask in store.
  • Leave all communications to phone and email interactions.
  • Be mindful of other customers waiting. Do not enter the store. Line up outside in the highlighted areas.
  • Limit the time spent with our team members to ensure others can receive timely service.

Be Patient. Be Kind.
Adrian and the MacMedic Team